Third Quarter 2015

30 years - a yield chart - For the benefit of paid subscribers with access inside dividend growth, I'm working on a yield chart for Canadian Utilities that goes back THIRTY years. Yes. Thirty years…back to 1985. I have been studying dividends for over 30 years. This data is my own dividend data. We want to find out if CU's recent yield rise is a blip or a significent movement which could mean an entry point for CU shares. $50 gets you inside this site and access to all kinds of dividend data. About Us.

Earlier this week I posted inside a one-page table PDF with all kinds of comment showing the dividend, price, yield and p/e of Bank of Nova stock going back to 25 years. Of special interest is what happened to this stock and dividend during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. One can easily discern that as BNS' dividend rose, the price did too. Most investors do not realize or believe this. It's the secret to building wealth. BNS' adjusted price in 1990 was $3.64 a share. What's it's price now? How much money could have you made by holding BNS? Wrong! Did you account for the share splits? How many were there? The table show the 1990 dividend and today's dividend and every dividend in between 1990 and 2015. What was the compound annual growth of the dividend (CAGR)? What was the CAGR of the price? The main question is whether BNS stock is value priced now? This is the type of work I do. Interested? Contact our daughter. Denise is a stay-at-home mother helping me with dividend data and subscriptions.

What is wealth? This a topic I addressed recently too. Is wealth the size of your retirement pot or the income it produces?

Another White Paper PDF inside the site addresses the “Signals from Dividend Yield” - the three different kinds of dividend stock and which is the best producer of income.

I also follow Value Line for those stocks in my list Value Line covers. My July blog mentions Value Line comment for eight stocks. All for just $50.

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