• Wisdom Investment Wisdom from various sources . . . adroit and pithy
  • Financial Planners - I do not recommend . . .
  • WSJ_May10 - a column about living from dividends in retirement
  • Market High - Read this if the market is high.
  • The Graham value I use is the square root of (EPS * BV * 22.5) where EPS is the average of the last three year's earnings. It's from The Intelligent Investor C-14.
  • chaff - material I did not have room for in my February 2009 report (bottom of market)
  • Which stock It's not so much which, but when?
  • Annuities - Nineteen argument against annuities - February 1990 report
  • Controlling Risk - Some ideas from John Bogle's speech in April 2000 about risk


  • Julia , our grand-daughter, age 20 months, searching for dividends in the R.O.B. - a photo
  • Our place north of Kingston where I do a lot of reading and thinking. It's quiet.

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