Readers Write:

  • “Those dividends are sure nice. The best part is I really don't have to pay much attention to the price of the shares. If I had to sell shares to develop a revenue stream, things would not be going nearly as well.” JB - C1A - Nov'09
  • “I have been receiving The Connolly Report since Dec 1981. The reports have consistently given me many ideas to follow.” SF - M2K - Nov 2009
  • “My new year wish (for 2011) is quite simple. A market crash is all I want.” AW - M4H “Reading makes maintaining discipline a lot easier.
  • “I particularily like the in-between reports up-dated list.” JP L1X
  • 2008 - ” I have not sold any of my stocks. They all pay dividends. So I am patient and have a lot of time to wait for the price to recover.“ CG - J7T January 2009
  • “Thanks again for putting me on to the path to dividend investing many years ago.” RG - V9S
  • “With my head now attuned to dividend investing, I'm amazed at how most of the babble from Bay Street…is focused on the abundance of trading in hope of capital gain.” RS - B3N
  • ”. . . with my paper drop, I am still getting paid while I wait for the most part. I can therefore sleep at night.“ MM - L3Z January 2009
  • After what happened in 2008, “I now understand what overvalued means, even in quality stocks”. MC - L6A. “I wish I had not started investing in 2007, but had waited till the end of 2008. Hard lesson learned!!!”
  • “Thanks again for keeping me on the straight and narrow, it's really hard sometimes.” VS - T5K
  • “I would miss my bi-monthly fix of Connolly comments and conjecture, so please renew my subscription.” CT - K9H
  • “Whenever I stray from dividend stocks, I end up saying never again.” ED - E5B
  • “Our kids will be the recipients of our investing strategy.” JT - L1A
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