h1. Overview of DividendGrowth.ca

h2. Demos

h2. Introduction

  • The site runs on the mature open source DokuWiki software. This means that it is free, and is supported by a very active community of users and developers.
  • All content is created using plain text, with special markup to indicate styling, e.g. **bold**, //italic//, __underline__, etc. The full syntax is described here. There is no need to memorize the syntax, as there is a toolbar available when editing a page, with buttons for formatting like bold, italics, headings, bullets, numbered lists, etc.
  • It will be very easy to import all your old content into the new site, and I have already done it for a small set of pages.
  • The layout and look of the site, including colors and fonts, are controlled by a theme that is very easy to modify, completely independently of the site content.
  • Content - the following types of content is available:
    • Six levels of headings
    • Text with bold, italic, and underline formatting
    • Links to other pages and external sites
    • Bulleted lists and numbered lists
    • Images
    • Footnotes
    • Tables specified directly in a page
    • Tables loaded into a page from an uploaded spreadsheet file
    • Charts
  • Full control over who can view pages - can be public or restricted to subscribers

h2. To-do

  • Add step-by-step instructions showing how to add an image (e.g. of a chart)
  • Add demo showing how to add an image
  • Add step-by-step instructions showing how to add/manage users
  • Add demo showing how to add/manage users
  • Fix layout issues in IE
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