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Investment Books

The Investment Zoo by Stephen Jarislowsky - the best of the lot…by far. That it ss not recommended by brokers speaks volumes. And even better, The Investment Zoo is Canadian.

Eventually, I'll get some other book reviews moved here.

In my view, the two best books on dividend growth investing are: The Standard and Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks by Tigue :-) Lowell Miller's The Single Best Investment Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth. Both of these, unfortunately, are American…U.S. data and examples.

Mr Market Miscalculates, 2008 by James Grant has, among other subjects, some excellent material on bonds. There will be a book report on Mr Market Miscalculates inside this site. Some of James Grant's ideas were in my February 2009 report. You can find out about Grant's Interest Rate Observer at

The Battle for Investment Survival by Gerald M. Loeb was written in 1935. After what happened in 2008, it is relevant again. I really like this book I purchased in the late 1960s for $2.25. Loeb's ideas formed a lot of my investment philosophy.

Value Investing from Graham to Buffett and Beyond - Greenwald et al

Active Value Investing: Making Money in Range-Bound Markets by Vitality Katsenelson 2007 Wiley $60 list

Bull's Eye Investing 2004 by John Mauldin, Wiley

Against the Gods 1996 by Peter Bernstein, Wiley

Bull! A History of the Boom 2003 by Maggie Mahar, Harper Business

Triumph of the Optimists - Dimson et al, 2002 - 101 years of global investment returns - Princeton

Stocks for the Long Run - A guide to Selecting Markets for Long-Term Growth, by J. Siegel, 1994 - Irwin

The Triumph of Contrarian Investing by Ned Davis, McGraw-Hill

Yes, You Can Time the Market 2003 by Stein and DeMuth, John Wiley & Sons :-(

John Neff On Investing 1999 by John Neff, John Wiley & Sons

The New Reality of Wall Street by Donald Coxe, 2003, McGraw Hill

Irrational Exuberance by Robert Shiller, 2000, Princeton

and more investment book too…The Intelligent Investor, for instance.

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