Athanassakos Dec09

This column contains some interesting ideas on retirement investing by George Athanassakos, Professor of Finance at Western. He recommends “high quality stocks that pay large dividends”. What else. However, I'd be inclined to cross out the last two words of this column in Globe Investor and substitute 'lower initial valuations'. I also take issue with his switch to more fixed income investments later in retirement, “for steady and frequent income”. But each to his, or her, own. I receive steady and frequent income from my dividend growth common stocks. And it increases too. I do not plan to switch to bonds.

George Athanassakos wrote another column in the Report on Business of Wednesday February 25: “It is the risk takers who will benefit from the turmoil”. Here is professor Athanassakos's last sentence: “Those who are brave and bold enough to move into equities or stay for the long run will be rewarded handsomely.”

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