Few Bargains


Janson Zweig's June 6 column in the Wall Street Journal: is this rally a great garbage market? Stocks that pay dividends have been dragging behind. I noticed this in our list too…especially in the utilities. I hope to have a table in June's issue showing the peak yield of each stock in our list and when it was, as well as its annual price growth since 1998 and the portion of the total return resulting from dividends over the last decade. I'm working on that data here in Toronto and getting help from our son and son-in-law who are much better at Math than I. All the while we are helping out with our 10 day old grandchild Zach and 20 month old Julia. I don't know how single mothers do it.

Avner Mandelman's column of June 6 2009 in the Report on Business was about value investing and full of interesting ideas. For instance, he outlines his method of computing both the intrinsic value of the market as a whole and an individual stock: multiply long term ROE by book value to get expected earnings and then decide on the multiple. If the stock trades below its intrinsic value, and everything else is good, buy. It's the MARGIN OF SAFETY Warren Buffett speaks about.


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